Who we are 

In November 2020, members of the Socialist Party, the Greens, the Popular Workers' Party and independent left without partisan lineage created the Ecological and Social Group for Crissier (RESOC). RESOC coordinates the efforts of these groups and citizens in order to promote, among the inhabitants of Crissier, a sustainable, convivial and equitable economic and social development which benefits everyone. The members of RESOC commit to concretely defend these values ​​by committing to the Municipal Council, the Commissions and the Municipality. Join us and get involved together!

The committee of the RESOC association

The RESOC committee currently consists of six members.

Oriane Buckwheat

Founder and CEO

Djouad Souyad


Bernard Barmaz


Alexandre brélaz


Remi Schweizer


Celine Jonneret


RESOC presentation video

During the municipal election campaign in 2021, we produced a video presenting the RESOC.