What is happening at the Municipal Council?

You will find below our summaries of the sessions and our postulates, interpellations, questions and everything!

City Council of November 7, 2022

Main actions of the RESOC group during this session:

  • We valued the Municipality's decision to initiate a Community Actions approach with Pro Senectute, to go and meet the elders of the municipality to define a more ambitious seniors policy. This approach is in line with what Crissier's PS had asked for during the previous legislature
  • We voted for the rules of the Municipal Energy and Climate Fund which goes in the direction of what was required by a postulate presented by the PS de Crissier during the previous legislature. The environment committee, chaired by the RESOC, has been heavily involved in thinking about this subject and will be consulted on its future development. (amended)

Municipal Council of September 26, 2022

Main actions of the RESOC group during this session:

  • We insisted on the need to guarantee a substantial presence of Low-rent housing (LLM, formerly Subsidized Housing) and Affordable housing (LLA) in the next district In Chise. Our positioning has allowed the project voted by the Council to specify that at least 25% of the surface area planned for public utility housing will be dedicated to LLMs and at least 25% to LLAs.
  • We intervened to remind you that the financial situation of the Municipality is currently good, and allows not to increase the tax point. The RESOC will however be attentive during the 2023 budget, to check if the municipal staff is reinforced et if resources are allocated to the creation of the future climate plan.
  • The RESOC filed an interpellation asking the Municipality to detail the measures put in place to enable rapid energy savings. It is no longer time to wait or hide, sobriety appears more than ever as a necessity to preserve our society and our economy.

Municipal Council of June 29, 2022

Main actions of the RESOC group during this session:

  • At the initiative of RESOC representatives, the environment committee proposed a postulate to set up immediate actions to reduce climate impact of our municipality (reduction of heating, meat consumption, etc.). The text was accepted by a large majority (49 yes, 3 no, 6 abstentions).

  • The Commune can act in social matters. The Council narrowly accepted (27 yes, 26 no, 6 abstentions) a postulate of the RESOC which invites the Municipality to think about setting up theIndividual Housing Assistancet in Crissier, financial support for families with particularly modest incomes for whom rent represents a heavy part of the budget.

  • Crissier has need more municipal staff to meet the needs of a growing and diversifying population! The RESOC recalled it last night, and the Municipality promised / mentioned commitments to "meet the requirements".

Municipal Council of March 14, 2022

Main actions of the RESOC group during this session:

  • We note with pleasure that in response to our postulate of December, the Municipality announces the study of variants with the TL to improve the service in TP on the Municipality and in particular in the northern districts.
  • The Resoc informs of the constitution of the environment and sustainable development commission that it chairs. His first mandate will be to contribute to the revision of the municipal incentive fund for energy savings and the development of renewable energies, with the aim of strengthening the support granted to inhabitants in their actions favorable to the environment (panels solar panels, electric bicycles, etc.)

Municipal Council of December 10, 2021

Main actions of the RESOC group during this session:

  • We asked the Municipality about the current situation preschool places (daycare) and on its intentions by encouraging it to significantly increase the offer.
  • We accepted the 2022 budget, while regretting its timidity in the face of climate issues. We expressed the wish, taken up by the finance committee and accepted by the Municipality, that each year a chapter now summarizes new climate initiatives.
  • Following a RESOC postulate accepted by a large majority of the Council, the Municipality will look into gaps in the public transport network in parts of Crissier. It is time to better serve certain areas of our Municipality!
  • In connection with the project to overhaul municipal energy and climate subsidies, we questioned the Municipality on these intentions in relation to the mechanical bikes.

City Council of November 8, 2021

Main actions of the RESOC group during this session:

  • We supported the creation of a new environmental and sustainable development advisory commission. We will commit to it to boost the energy and climate policy of our municipality.
  • For more animation in our streets and to offer a new outlet to local producers and artisans, we have made a postulate for the creation of a itinerant market in Crissier. This postulate was returned to the Municipality with the quasi-unanimity of the Council.
  • Concerned about the situation of the Office de la population (where the closures follow one another) and the Planning Department (which has registered four resignations since the summer), we have filed an interpellation asking for explanations and '' ensure that services to the population are guaranteed.
  • We questioned the Municipality on the situation and working conditions of welcoming in a family environment (day mothers) on the territory of the municipality.