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Why vote RESOC according to Jean Tschopp, Daniel Brélaz and Karine Clerc!

(26.02.2021, Video)

Why can the union of the forces of the left make things happen in Crissier? Listen to the words of our supporters: Jean Tschopp (PS), Daniel Brélaz (Vert · e · s) and Karine Clerc (POP). Vote en bloc, vote RESOC!

Municipal Elections Crissier 2021 - Our Candidates for the Municipality

(23.02.2021, Video)

Emmanuel Mayer, Jah Wembo Olela and Béatrice Gitera are running for the municipal elections of Crissier for the Municipality! On March 7, 2021, vote RESOC list 2 at the municipal council and list 3 at the Municipality!

You who live in Crissier!

(12.02.2021, Video)

Equity - Sustainability - Solidarity | RESOC, the Ecological and Social Rally for Crissier is resolutely committed to an ambitious local policy! Complete program and presentation of candidates on resoc.ch | Vote list 2 for the municipal council and list 3 for the municipality.

PS Crissier 2016-2021 legislative review

(07.02.2021, Document and Video)

What can you do in a municipal council when you are in the minority? With willpower and perseverance, we can make things happen, even if it doesn't always work the first time! Discover a summary of our actions in the document opposite.

On this occasion we publish our first video (Youtube) on this subject!

All-household - List and program of RESOC for the 2021 municipal elections (30.01.2021)

Our activists have distributed a leaflet in your mailboxes which details our 10 commitments for Crissier as well as our candidates for the Municipal Council and the Municipality - on a schematic map of the municipality. We are close to you and your concerns!

Press Release - A plural left for a change of course in Crissier (10.01.2021)

Crissier is evolving: not only is its population growing, but ideas are changing! In what was traditionally a stronghold of the right, leftist values ​​and parties have grown strongly in recent years. It is time for this progress to also materialize at the municipal level. It is in this perspective that RESOC is running for the 2021 municipal elections!

Position statement - For a sustainable urbanization of our municipality (06.12.2020)

So the association Safeguards Crissier has chosen to launch a list for the next municipal elections. RESOC is delighted with the diversification of opinions within the municipality. However, we doubt that the responses provided by this association will be up to the ecological and social challenges of tomorrow. Discover our vision of the urbanization of our municipality in the position statement opposite.

All-household - RESOC Foundation (18.11.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX) 

On November 18, 2020, we — left-wing independents and members of the
Socialist Party (PS), Green Party and People's Workers Party (POP) -
we founded the Ecological and Social Regroupement pour Crissier (RESOC).
By joining us, you contribute to a municipal policy
concerned with fairer, more inclusive and sustainable development.